Starting a Garden
How to Design

Help for Starting a Garden...

Daunted by starting a garden design for the first time? Looking to improve your garden but not sure where to turn?

Get lots of ideas and step by step processes for how to design your perfect garden...

Planning a garden design can be daunting - so many options, so many styles....

Which to choose?

It doesn't matter whether you're:

  • starting from a complete blank canvas
  • want a drastic makeover of an existing garden
  • or just want to tweak and improve your already-lovely garden

Perhaps you've never really considered what your dream garden could be like?

starting a garden - beautiful garden with yellow flowers, lawn - is this your ideal garden? Or perhaps you already have a particular picture of your own perfect garden in your head?

I've got sooo many options and possibilities in my head, for my garden...

...I hardly know which one(s) to choose!

...and how to make your ideal garden a reality?

Planning a garden design can definitely be overwhelming...

...I certainly felt daunted by starting a garden for the first time!

- but it really needn't be like that!

We'll start at the basics of planning a garden

- and I'll be with you every step of the way, as we take it in simple stages...

starting a garden - beautiful garden with stepping stones and a pergola

Stick with me, and we'll carefully go through every step you need to design a garden, for free!

It's natural for us to love gardens - we are genetically programmed to love nature and grow things...

It even makes us happier and boosts our immune system, to be out amongst the green of nature...

...which is a great motivation for us to get our gardens right... that we want to spend time in them!

The really big question when you're starting a garden is 'what do you want?'

Once you've got this bit figured out, it all becomes quite simple to slot together the garden design process for your own backyard landscape design...

...just follow the easy guidelines I'll show you...

...and, before you know it, it will all start to take shape!

Simple Steps for Planning a Garden

Understand more about planning a garden - 'How to Landscape Design Your Garden'

  1. Planning a Garden - checklist of your needs and wants - Click here for your free garden design online checklist
  2. Assess your Plot - what have you got? - Click here for your checklist for assessing your current backyard landscape design (it's free too!)
  3. Garden Layout Plans
  4. Learn about Good Design Principles
  5. Develop your Design
  6. Site Considerations
  7. Designing with Plants
  8. Color
  9. Styles and Inspiration - choosing a style for your garden design ideas
  10. Awkward Plots
  11. Hard Landscaping and Materials - choosing what's right for the budget and your garden
  12. Water in the Garden - special considerations for using water features or ponds

    Ponds and Water Features

  13. Lighting in the Garden - safety considerations, entertaining and creating special lighting effects

    Garden and Landscape Lighting Ideas

  14. Additional Considerations
  15. Planning the Work - getting it all done!

    Click here for help planning your do it yourself remodeling schedule of works

  16. Maintenance - keep your garden nice!

    Keep your garden looking lovely with our handy maintenance schedule and garden planner

  17. Share Your Garden Design Pictures and Stories - got a lovely garden? Want to show us?

    Share the hard work you've already done, and ask for inspiration for your future plans - visit our friendly YOUR Garden section for photos, stories, questions, and more...

    You're very welcome here...

  18. I hope these garden design tips and techniques for starting a garden are really helpful for you...

    ...and that you'll soon be out sipping cocktails on the lawn, or relaxing with the latest best-seller, or kicking a ball around with the kids...

    ...whatever you want from starting a garden design, I hope that these simple garden and landscape design ideas and techniques will help you get it!

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